A targeted investment

Xerys Gestion is a portfolio management company specializing in private equity with an approach that places company vision at the heart of its investment philosophy.


Xerys Gestion rigorously selects a limited number of companiesXerys carefully selects a limited number of companies, chosen for the strengh of their fundamentals, their high growth potential, and the quality of their management team. We then assist them over the entire course of their development, thanks to successive and progressive investments made through its various dedicated and/or mutual funds.

By investing €10-20M per company over a period of 5-10 years, Xerys Gestion supports its portfolio companies from the early development stage (venture capital) through to a potential IPO or industrial buyout without any interruption in financing.

The Xerys team maintains a very close relationship with the companies it chooses to finance and bring its know-how, experience, and networks. Xerys Gestion offers constant and dedicated support on strategic and operational levels with the aim of move forward together on the path to success.

With a firm belief in the quality of the projects it selects and supports, Xerys Gestion, through the Xerys Funds, remains whenever possible the only major shareholder alongside the founding partners.

This unique approach, made possible through the close relationships Xerys Gestion builds with the managers of funded companies, aims to promote greater transparency and traceability of the investment.



Xerys Gestion primarily targets innovative French or European SMEs in the development phase and in various sectors such as technology, cleantech or biotech.

They must have completed the development of a product (or have patents for its development) or have been spun off from a larger group. They are selected on the basis of the solidity of their core principles, their high growth potential and the quality of their management team.



Xerys investissement



Investment in the Xerys Funds entails a number of risks for the investor. There is no guarantee that the Xerys Funds will reach their profit targets and that capital invested will be recovered. Investors must therefore assess the following essential risks before investing in the Xerys Funds:
Risk of capital loss: the financial instruments selected by the Asset Management Company are subject to market fluctuation. The Xerys Funds are not covered by any guarantee or protection. It is therefore possible that investors may not see a return or a full return on their initial investment of capital.
Risk resulting from the lack of liquidity of securities: the Xerys Funds invest in companies that are not listed and traded on a regulated market. As the Xerys Funds investment does not offer liquidity equivalent to that of listed markets, it may prove difficult to dispose of these investments within the desired timeframe and at the desired price.
Risk associated with discretionary management: the selection of companies by the Xerys Funds management team – namely the assessment of company quality according to its criteria – is subject to the risks inherent in private equity. There is a risk that the management team will not select the highest performing companies, which may result in a drop in Funds value.
Before investing in the Xerys Funds, investors must assess the risks detailed in the Xerys Funds documentation.


Les informations figurant sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion, société par actions simplifiée au capital social de 226.000 euros et dont le siège social est sis 7 rue d’Aguesseau à Paris (75008), immatriculée au Registre du commerce et des sociétés de Paris sous le numéro 793 135 450 et enregistrée auprès de l’Autorité des marchés financiers en qualité de société de gestion de portefeuille sous le numéro GP-14000034 (la « Société de gestion »), ne constituent pas une offre des titres des véhicules gérés par la Société de gestion (les « Fonds Xerys »).

Toute déclaration contenue sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion ainsi que toute prévision, estimation future ou déclaration relative aux attentes, concernant des évènements futurs ou la performance potentielle des Fonds Xerys cités sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion, représente seulement la propre évaluation de la Société de gestion et de son interprétation des informations disponibles à la date de mise à jour du site Internet de Xerys Gestion. Aucune assurance ne peut être donnée que ces déclarations, avis, projections ou prévisions soient corrects ni que les objectifs des Fonds Xerys seront réalisés. La Société de gestion ne pourra être tenue responsable quant à l’exactitude de ces informations.

Il est précisé que les aspects fiscaux mentionnés sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion doivent être considérés comme un résumé de certains aspects fiscaux relatifs aux Fonds Xerys en vigueur à la date de mise à jour du site Internet de Xerys Gestion. Les investisseurs potentiels sont invités à se rapprocher de leurs propres conseils fiscaux. Ces informations sont susceptibles d’évoluer en cas de modification de la règlementation et de la doctrine fiscale.

L’attention des investisseurs est attirée sur le fait que les Fonds Xerys sont principalement investis dans des sociétés non cotées et par voie de conséquence ils sont peu ou pas liquides et présentent un risque de perte en capital.