Connecthings transforms a new york landmark into a smart tourism destination enriching the visitor experience

Powered by Connecthings’ Internet of Things platform, Old Seaport App Provides Visitors with a Contextual Mobile Experience During Their Visit to Historic South Street Seaport

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Sevenhugs and its sleep tracker is now available in the U.S.

Been looking for a way to make sure your kids actually fall asleep when they head off to bed, and aren’t just playing with the iPad under the covers? It’s here.

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Top 5 Vendors for RFID Blood Monitoring Systems until 2020, by Technavio

Key vendors are developing new technologically advanced products to increase their sales.

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7 Things About the SevenHugs HugOne

My family has issues with sleep. My husband is a light sleeper, and often has bad nights of sleep. Add to that the fact that he works different shifts, including two 11pm-7am shifts per month, and you’ve got a recipe for poor sleep...

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Interoperability standards are key to smart cities

Can you believe that next year marks the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the first iPhone? It wasn’t the first smartphone (a moment of silence, please, for devices like the Palm Treo and the Motorola Q). But the iPhone’s arrival heralded the beginning of the internet of things (IoT) era that is transforming our lives and even our cities.

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Sevenhugs Teams Up With Amazon Launchpad for hugOne U.S. Debut

hugOne Tracks Sleep Patterns and Automates the Home Environment, Helping Families Consistently Sleep Better

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Smart Home Startups Are on the Rebound, But Barely

Funding for smart home startups is looking up. According to the latest data from CB Insights, funding amounts are on track to be 30 percent better than they were in 2015. That’s only the total amount of funding, though: The actual number of deals is still on pace to remain even. Both the amount and the number of deals are well below the smart home interest peak in 2014, however.

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Strasbourg tests beacons to improve transit info for blind riders

A French public transportation provider is working with a contactless services firm to improve real-time information for blind and visually impaired passengers.

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​Smartphones, Bluetooth beacons: The pairing that could help the blind catch the right bus

Details of the next bus are given in real time based on the detection range of the BLE beacon approaching the person's smartphone at the bus stop.

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Greenville and Cryo Pur for Bio-LNG

Northern Ireland’s Greenville Energy and Paris-based Cryo Pur say they’ll build a pioneering bio-based liquefied natural gas plant at Tyrone, west of Belfast. The plant, to be online with Cryo Pur equipment next year, is to be “the first commercial unit in the world to produce liquefied biomethane from biogas on a small scale.”

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CES 2017: Sevenhugs touchscreen Smart Remote

Programmable universal remote controls such as the Logitech Harmony are designed to be the one remote to rule them all, but Sevenhugs' Smart Remote takes things to a new level. On show at this week's CES electronics show in Las Vegas, the Smart Remote has won three CES 2017 awards including most innovative product in the Smart Home category.

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Greenville Energy Ltd & Cryo Pur to build Northern Ireland's first Bio-LNG plant

Greenville Energy Ltd began producing renewable energy from Anaerobic Digestion in 2012. The company, based in Tyrone - Northern Ireland, utilizes the waste from the family’s dairy farm, Greenville Dairies, and waste from food manufacturers and food retailers to produce biogas.

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Smarter shut-eye

More companies and researchers are using IoT to monitor, track and improve sleep.

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Connecthings Powers Bologna Airport, 1st Italian Airport Equipped with Bluetooth Beacons

Bologna Airport, ranked the 7th largest airport in Italy in passenger traffic, has announced the launch of a new digital infrastructure designed to improve access to information for their travelers and visitors.

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Les informations figurant sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion, société par actions simplifiée au capital social de 226.000 euros et dont le siège social est sis 7 rue d’Aguesseau à Paris (75008), immatriculée au Registre du commerce et des sociétés de Paris sous le numéro 793 135 450 et enregistrée auprès de l’Autorité des marchés financiers en qualité de société de gestion de portefeuille sous le numéro GP-14000034 (la « Société de gestion »), ne constituent pas une offre des titres des véhicules gérés par la Société de gestion (les « Fonds Xerys »).

Toute déclaration contenue sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion ainsi que toute prévision, estimation future ou déclaration relative aux attentes, concernant des évènements futurs ou la performance potentielle des Fonds Xerys cités sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion, représente seulement la propre évaluation de la Société de gestion et de son interprétation des informations disponibles à la date de mise à jour du site Internet de Xerys Gestion. Aucune assurance ne peut être donnée que ces déclarations, avis, projections ou prévisions soient corrects ni que les objectifs des Fonds Xerys seront réalisés. La Société de gestion ne pourra être tenue responsable quant à l’exactitude de ces informations.

Il est précisé que les aspects fiscaux mentionnés sur le site Internet de Xerys Gestion doivent être considérés comme un résumé de certains aspects fiscaux relatifs aux Fonds Xerys en vigueur à la date de mise à jour du site Internet de Xerys Gestion. Les investisseurs potentiels sont invités à se rapprocher de leurs propres conseils fiscaux. Ces informations sont susceptibles d’évoluer en cas de modification de la règlementation et de la doctrine fiscale.

L’attention des investisseurs est attirée sur le fait que les Fonds Xerys sont principalement investis dans des sociétés non cotées et par voie de conséquence ils sont peu ou pas liquides et présentent un risque de perte en capital.