Connecthings transforms a New York landmark into a smart tourism destination enriching the visitor experience

Powered by Connecthings’ Internet of Things platform, Old Seaport App Provides Visitors with a Contextual Mobile Experience During Their Visit to Historic South Street Seaport

NEW YORK, NY (OCTOBER 13, 2016) – Connecthings, the Internet of Public Things platform, will be launching a new digital infrastructure designed to create contextualized and personalized mobile experiences for visitors to South Street Seaport. The new Old Seaport App, leveraging Connecthings’ Smart City services, will transform and renew the way visitors experience, shop, eat and explore the historic South Street Seaport.

“Consumers tend to see the world through their smartphones and other digital devices,” says Laetitia Gazel-Anthoine, Founder and CEO of Connecthings. “We are excited to help connect the physical world with the digital world in and around South Street Seaport. By harnessing all of the data from the physical infrastructure, social connections, and government/organizational sources available to visitors, retailers and management, we can now transform that data into on-site mobile consumer experiences and business value-propositions with a clear focus on efficiency, sustainability and experience enrichment.”

To create a one of a kind, personalized experience, the Old Seaport Alliance in collaboration with P3GM – a global smart city development company – has installed contactless beacons and sensors near restaurants, stores and other points of interest. Using the Connecthings Beacon Network, Mobile SDK, and ADTAG contextualized content management platform, these beacons communicate via Bluetooth with mobile applications to deliver real-time push notifications, deals, alerts, mobile payments and more to visitors on their device.

“We believe bringing digital intelligence to physical spaces will usher a golden age of urban living and enable smarter cities,” says Laetitia. “We’re particularly eager for our new hometown of New York City to embrace beacon technology, and so the Connecthings team has been busy brainstorming ways in which beacons could provide transformative experiences for New Yorkers, as well as groundbreaking improvements in city governance.”

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Connecthings was founded in 2007 by Laetitia Gazel Anthoine with the vision and intuition that smartphones will connect the physical world with the digital world.

Today, Connecthings deploys networks of contactless beacons (Bluetooth, NFC, QR code, Wi-Fi) in public spaces across cities worldwide to transform passive urban points of contact and locations (street furniture, monuments, shopping malls, airports) into smart, connected objects that communicate with the smartphones of citizens and visitors alike.

AdTag, Connecthings’ Internet of Things content management platform, contextualizes the beacon networks to send the right information at the right time.

Connecthings’ services are up and running in 30 cities in Europe and in Rio de Janeiro, with over 120,000 connected points in the urban space: this is the largest Internet of Public Things network worldwide.

Connecthings has offices in New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Milan and Berlin.
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