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Greenville and Cryo Pur for Bio-LNG

Northern Ireland’s Greenville Energy and Paris-based Cryo Pur say they’ll build a pioneering bio-based liquefied natural gas plant at Tyrone, west of Belfast. The plant, to be online with Cryo Pur equipment next year, is to be “the first commercial unit in the world to produce liquefied biomethane from biogas on a small scale.”

First Commercial Plant to Be Built in Northern Ireland

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Cryo Pur claims ‘a single energy-efficient process … with minimal electric energy consumption …’

The facility will employ Cryo Pur cryogenics technology “in a single, energy-efficient process, to both purify biogas and liquefy biomethane.” Feed biogas is already being produced via anaerobic digestion by Greenville.

Biogas from the Greenville Dairies farm is currently used to produce power and heat, with excess power exported to the national electrical grid. The new product, dubbed Bio-LNG, reduces the cost of biomethane storage and transportation, the companies say, and “offers a unique opportunity to valorize biogas when there is no gas grid near the anaerobic digestion plant.”

Three Tons of LNG Daily

Capacity will be three tons per day (approximately 1,700 gallons), Cryo Pur says, equal to “10 gigawatt-hours per year of storable and transportable renewable energy.”

The Bio-LNG product will be trucked to off-pipeline industrial customers. The project “is a key milestone for the deployment of bio-LNG in Europe and globally, contributing to opening new prospects for the biogas industry,” the companies says.

“We’ve been actively looking for a way to efficiently produce and distribute more renewable energy,” Greenville Energy CEO Jason Mitchell says in an announcement circulated by Cryo Pur. “After a comprehensive analysis of available technical solutions, we opted for the production of liquefied biomethane,” he said.


Greenville cites the support of Londonderry-based technical solutions provider Fast – Factory Automation & Systems Technologies.

“After the validation of Cryo Pur’s technology with our demo plant at Valenton Waste Water Treatment Plant in France [immediately south of Paris], signing the first commercial contract with Greenville Energy Ltd is for us the validation of our strategy to cost-effectively build integrated bio-LNG production units, with a great potential in the UK and Ireland markets,” said Cryo Pur CEO Denis Clodic.

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…allowing for ‘efficient biomethane transportation, beyond the reach of the natural gas grid.’

“As the Cryo Pur system is suitable for large-scale projects as well as smaller ones, it will definitely be a turning point for the deployment of bio-LNG in Europe and globally, contributing to opening new prospects for the biogas industry,” the company says.

Cryo Pur pledged to deliver the design, the assembly, the installation and the commissioning of the Greenville Energy bio-LNG plant in the first quarter of 2017.

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› Published: 5/07/2016
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