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Spin-off from the Airbus group formed in 2014, PowiDian designs, markets and maintains stand-alone decentralized power stations (Micro Grid).

PowiDian has refined the SAGES® station, which guarantees the supply of reliable, non-polluting electricity any time, anywhere, and in any weather. This stand-alone station does not require fossil fuel and requires only limited maintenance (once annually).

This station combines the use of all types of renewable energies (wind, solar panels, geothermal, marine, etc.) + high-performance storage methods (lithium-ion batteries for short-term storage of one to two days and long-term hydrogen storage lasting several months) + advanced simulation, self-learning and prediction software which controls and optimizes the entire unit.



73 boulevard haussmann

75008 Paris - France

+33 (0)1 82 52 12 25