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Tag: Advanced BioDesign

Advanced BioDesign (ABD) is developing two large-scale projects in human health: Sefaldin and Sepdiak -2

SEFALDIN (cancer treatment)

ABD, having acquired a unique expertise in the field of cancer, is developing a new cancer treatment therapy. This program, known as SEFALDIN, has proven that it is possible to achieve targeted destruction of cancer cells by restoring the mechanisms for apoptosis that they have escaped by becoming malignant. The originality of the synthetic compound developed by ABD (Dimate) resides in its action on the detoxification mechanisms present in cancer cells. 

The first cancer model chosen for this project is acute myeloid leukemia (AML), one of the most challenging cancers. In vitro studies have also validated Dimate’s therapeutic efficacy on aggressive solid tumor models (more than 230 to date) and particularly on resistant lines such as triple negative breast cancer and lung cancer.

Proof of concept has been extended in animal models for AML, melanoma and lung cancer and is in the process of validation for lymphoma, osteosarcoma, breast, pancreatic and colon cancer models

SEPDIAK (diagnostic kit)

ABD has refined an original method of early diagnosis of sepsis, that has the advantage of being able to detect early signs of the illness even before symptoms appear. This will make it possible to treat potentially severe infections more expediently and therefore to significantly reduce mortality associated with the absence of such early diagnosis (leading cause of death in intensive care units). This kit is in the validation phase and being adapted to hospital routine in partnership with the public hospital system (AP-HP) of Paris for a planned market launch in 2017.


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