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Greenville and Cryo Pur for Bio-LNG

Northern Ireland’s Greenville Energy and Paris-based Cryo Pur say they’ll build a pioneering bio-based liquefied natural gas plant at Tyrone, west of Belfast. The plant, to be online with Cryo Pur equipment next year, is to be “the first commercial unit in the world to produce liquefied biomethane from biogas on a small scale.”

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Cryo Pur manufactures and markets a biomethane purification and liquefaction system -2


Cryo Pur possesses an innovative technology that has allowed to establish:

  • An ultra-high performance system for the purification of biogas produced from waste which, thanks to a level of purity of more than 99% methane, enables its injection into the gas pipelines (GrDF in France) for a feed-in tariff. 
  • system for the liquefaction of methane produced from biogas (also called biomethane) which is unique in the world. Which makes it possible to divide its volume by 600 and therefore optimise transport. It could be used in particular as a biofuel.

Result of more than 15 years of research and development in partnership with the MINES ParisTech school of engineering, this globally patented technology was developed according to a new approach: cryogenics (purification of biogas at very low temperatures).

It allows, in particular, better refinement of biogas compared to existing technology, greater efficiency, with greater product purity without any loss of methane and without any greenhouse gas emissions.


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