AlzProtect develops drugs for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease -2

With an ageing population in industrialised countries, the number of people affected by Alzheimer’s disease is increasing dramatically. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it is estimated that currently 47.5 million people in the world suffer from dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is involved in 60 to 70% of cases. According to WHO, the number of patients could reach 135 million in 2050.

Based in Lille, AlzProtect develops a drug, AZP2006, whose mode of action and effects differ greatly from products that have been developped by the industry for the past 15 years. This drug acts on main causes of neurodegenerative diseases, and in particular those of Alzheimer’s disease. It is developed primarily for the treatment of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), a rare disease that no treatment can stop or slow down.

The product has been tested in a reference rodent model and has demonstrated the reversal of Alzheimer’s symptoms and neuroprotective efficacy: the mice, after having lost their cognitive abilities at an advanced stage, have recovered all of their memory learning abilities.

AZP2006 has been granted the status of «orphan drug» in Europe (European Medicines Agency) and in the United States (Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of PSP.

It has been tested on healthy subjects during two Phase 1 clinical trials and demonstrated excellent tolerability with no adverse effects.

Phase 2 studies will be conducted soon on patients with PSP. Its placement on the market for this indication is expected in about ten years. A Temporary Use Permits is expected within 3 to 5 years.

Advanced Biodesign

Advanced BioDesign (ABD) is developing two large-scale projects in human health: Sefaldin and Sepdiak -2

SEFALDIN (cancer treatment)

ABD, having acquired a unique expertise in the field of cancer, is developing a new cancer treatment therapy. This program, known as SEFALDIN, has proven that it is possible to achieve targeted destruction of cancer cells by restoring the mechanisms for apoptosis that they have escaped by becoming malignant. The originality of the synthetic compound developed by ABD (Dimate) resides in its action on the detoxification mechanisms present in cancer cells. 

The first cancer model chosen for this project is acute myeloid leukemia (AML), one of the most challenging cancers. In vitro studies have also validated Dimate’s therapeutic efficacy on aggressive solid tumor models (more than 230 to date) and particularly on resistant lines such as triple negative breast cancer and lung cancer.

Proof of concept has been extended in animal models for AML, melanoma and lung cancer and is in the process of validation for lymphoma, osteosarcoma, breast, pancreatic and colon cancer models

SEPDIAK (diagnostic kit)

ABD has refined an original method of early diagnosis of sepsis, that has the advantage of being able to detect early signs of the illness even before symptoms appear. This will make it possible to treat potentially severe infections more expediently and therefore to significantly reduce mortality associated with the absence of such early diagnosis (leading cause of death in intensive care units). This kit is in the validation phase and being adapted to hospital routine in partnership with the public hospital system (AP-HP) of Paris for a planned market launch in 2017.


Biolog-id designs, develops and markets identification and traceability solutions for the healthcare industry to improve flows, reduce costs and guarantee patient safety.


Biolog-id’s product line combines specific hardware and software designed by Biolog-id, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels and the know-how of integrators specialized in the healthcare sector.

Biolog® solutions are geared towards all operators in the «blood» sector: transfusion centers, hospitals and clinics, and the plasma fractionation industry.

Biolog-id is currently transposing this system for use in the injectable chemotherapy sector.

Skytech participation développement durable

Skytech is developing an innovative technological process for sorting industrial plastic waste in order to produce new regenerated plastic


The plastics industry uses several families of plastics to make objects with various characteristics: polyethylene, ABS, polystyrene, PVC, etc. At the end of their lifecycles, these objects are mixed, and therefore the plastics that constitute them are mixed as well. To date, due to the lack of a solution allowing their sorting, plastic waste is mainly incinerated or landfilled.

Recognizing the ecological urgency of recycling this waste, governments are significantly increasing national and international regulations: incentive policies, export bans, and increased taxes on landfills make the management of this waste more and more restrictive.

Since 2013, Skytech (former APR2) has positioned itself as a technological player in the recycling of plastic waste. By developing an innovative process for sorting a mixture of plastic waste to allow recycling on an industrial scale, the company is providing a concrete response to a major environmental challenge.

This automatic plastic sorting process, initiated in partnership with the CNRS, opens new paths to treating and valuing deposits previously considered waste.

Skytech is able to produce various types of high quality recycled plastics with similar oil-based plastic’ properties.

The process finally brings premium-quality new recycled materials to the manufacturers of the plastics industry. Skytech works continuously with researchers from the École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay to model this process, improve it and automate it.

Skytech chose to focus on the treatment of waste from WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and ELV (End-of-Life Vehicles).

The company has recently been admitted to join Move’o, the competitivity pole to promote automotive industry reclycing ambitions.

The assets of Skytech:

  • Technical means and leading industrial processes;
  • An expert multidisciplinary team.
Cryo Pur

Cryo Pur manufactures and markets a biomethane purification and liquefaction system -2


Cryo Pur possesses an innovative technology that has allowed to establish:

  • An ultra-high performance system for the purification of biogas produced from waste which, thanks to a level of purity of more than 99% methane, enables its injection into the gas pipelines (GrDF in France) for a feed-in tariff. 
  • system for the liquefaction of methane produced from biogas (also called biomethane) which is unique in the world. Which makes it possible to divide its volume by 600 and therefore optimise transport. It could be used in particular as a biofuel.

Result of more than 15 years of research and development in partnership with the MINES ParisTech school of engineering, this globally patented technology was developed according to a new approach: cryogenics (purification of biogas at very low temperatures).

It allows, in particular, better refinement of biogas compared to existing technology, greater efficiency, with greater product purity without any loss of methane and without any greenhouse gas emissions.


Connecthings, a pioneer company in augmented location, boosts mobile application value for app editors… and their users!

Thanks to its trusted location intelligence SaaS platform, Herow by Connecthings, powered by machine learning and accurate real-time location technologies, mobile application developers know about their users whereabouts, behavior and environment while giving them control over their data footprint. By learning about their users’ intent, the applications can build contextual experience and better engage with them.

Founded in 2007 by Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, the company is an international reference for Smart Cities and has built a strong expertise in location technologies while fully respecting users privacy. Connecthings is headquartered in Paris and New York and has offices in Barcelona and Milan.


Sevenhugs is reinventing the connected home by offering innovative and user friendly smart connected products

Smart Remote: a next-generation universal remote dedicated to connected devices

The Sevenhugs Smart Remote offers a new approach to contextualized interactions with connected devices in the home. By simply pointing to the device you wish to control,the touchscreen adjusts automatically, displaying only the commands corresponding to the device requested, offering immediate control in one click. For example, it allows you to change the volume on your stereo, dim or brighten your connected bulbs, or adjust the temperature of your smart thermostat.

The Smart Remote makes it possible not only to interact with connected devices, but also to access services, thus allowing for unlimited usage opportunities: get the weather report by pointing to the window, or order a taxi by pointing at the front door, etc.

The Sevenhugs team noted that control of a connected device from a smartphone (or from a tablet) requires an enormous number of steps, from unlocking the smartphone to the actual use of the application, not to mention pairing, which can sometimes be problematic. The Smart Remote solves this problem and features a compact, elegant, and seductive design.

Pre-marketing is planned for late 2016 and the remote will be available through major retailers in 2017.
La Smart Remote de Sevenhugs


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75008 Paris - France

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