Hôpital Foch to equip its oncology care services with C-LOG® to trace and secure chemotherapy preparations

   This information is communicated to you confidentially; it will be the subject of a joint Press Release with Hôpital Foch, including in particular their testimony. 

 Hôpital Foch – recognized as one of the most prestigious private hospitals in the Paris region – has chosen to implement C-LOG®, biolog-id’s solution to secure the supply, the quality and the administration of chemotherapy preparations, from the pharmacy’s compounding units to the infusion to the patient. 

Hôpital Foch hosts several nationally and internationally recognized centers of excellence including its oncology department providing the full range and state of the art cancer care (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted treatments, supportive care). Eager to keep its level of excellence, the institution is continuously seeking innovative solutions to improve patient care and ensuring even further patient’s safety. 

Each year, the hospital pharmacy delivers about 20 000 chemotherapy preparations (+8% per year) intended for 6 clinical wards such as day hospital, oncology hospitalization or internal medicine. By implementing all modules of the C-LOG® solution, each sensitive healthcare product will be labeled with an RFIP chip encoded with all essential and critical information. Users, whether they are pharmacists or caregivers, will have the opportunity to visualize in real-time the product’s status, whether it is at the compounding unit, in transit or at the administration ward, given them all the necessary information for administration traceability, scheduling, as well as identity monitoring at the patient’s bedside via the X-Match module of C-LOG®. 

The contract has been finalized and signed, and the operations in routine are expected for mid-November. 

About biolog-id 

Biolog-id develops and implements innovative solutions, that digitally transform routine processes into actionable data supporting better operational and strategic decisions for sensitive therapeutic products. 

The information generated by biolog-id solutions is available to Healthcare Professionals at any time, enhancing their processes efficiency, work conditions and ultimately the safety of the therapeutics administered to patients. 

Biolog-id’s patented platform is utilized in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id is owned by its founder, managers, and Xerys Invest. Xerys Invest is a French investment company primarily positioned on trending sectors that include healthcare & Life Sciences, renewable energy/GreenTech and new digital technologies. 

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About Hôpital Foch 

A private multidisciplinary hospital in the Ile de France region, Hôpital Foch is a leading institution among French hospitals. Supported by the Foch Foundation, the hospital’s mission has always been to offer all patients, regardless of their condition, state-of-the-art medical and surgical care in the best conditions of comfort and welcome. Its status as a private establishment participating in the public service allows the Hôpital Foch to challenge itself, to innovate and to constantly monitor its services. 

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